Email Marketing

Are you contacting your users & customers via email?

Many clients are afraid of SPAMMING their users. And on one hand, I don't blame them.  There's nothing worse than unwanted email jamming up your inbox.

But what if you have a group of users and customers who would prefer getting contacted via email... in fact, they would love it if you did!

Coupled with an effective Internet Marketing and Social Networking strategy comes a great email strategy as well.

So many companies as for their customers email addresses and then never do a thing with them. Others start off with good intentions then just let their email campaign slide by the way side.

Many people today say email is their preferred method of communication. People can read their emails now anywhere on several devices.  And as such, because they are so readily available via email, it is a great way to get in touch and stay in touch with your customers.

Companies like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, comF5 and others, help our clients:

  • Develop an email list by allowing users to opt-in and opt-out
  • Keep mailing lists current with automated tools
  • Design great looking emails with their design tools
  • Send out large quantities of emails
  • Send out announcements to only valid emails
  • Track results of your email
  • Generate newsletters and announcements that people can refer back to in the future
  • Some even allow video emailing and other tools

And with many email services limiting the number of emails you can sent out at one time, having a service like this is a great tool to getting your email in to your users inbox rather than their spam folder.

How can Reiland Lane help with your email campaign?

Before you get started developing an email campaign - whether by yourself or with a prominent email marketing company, contact us first.

We can help you get the best services to meet your needs, develop a campaign for you, write your emails, even set-up your account and upload all your email addresses.  With our expert guidance we can help maintain your lists and keep your campaign on track for continued results.

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Our Services

Like the pass of seasons, we offer services that will stand the test of time and provide planning solutions to flow from one quarter to the next, but also for years to come. These are not quick fixes, but business plans to meet your strategic goals.

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