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Are you ready to manage your online presence?

We get asked about developing a Content Management System for many clients. And for some, they want it because someone told them they should have one.

A Content Management System (CMS) is the technology or software used to build your website.  And build it in a manner that allows you, the client, to update your website as needed.

This frees up your web design budget so you make minor updates to your site without having to contract someone to do it for you.

Some popular Content Management Systems are:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Mambo
  • WordPress
  • and several others

Know the facts:

Most Content Management Systems are open source systems that are free to use. And while many Internet Hosting Companies and/or Web Design Companies charge an increased monthly cost for having a Content Management System, the truth is there is no added cost to using these services when you do business with Reiland Lane.

Many companies charge extra fees because:

  1. They may be share-hosting this software on their servers and feel the need to charge you for increased security.  Not a bad concept to have one program for all their users, it just means you are essentially sharing the Content Management System with others.
  2. They may see this as a revenue generator because of a possible loss in income from hosting Content Management Systems.  Because you will be updating your website means you won't be hiring them to do it for you... right?  While having a CMS is convenient to many users, most of our clients continue to rely on our services for many of their updates. 

In fact, installing one of these Content Management Systems is just a click or two of a mouse away when you have Internet Hosting with us. 

Which system do we recommend?

We really like using and referring our clients to WordPress. While it's not a traditional Content Management System, it provides our clients most what they need in this sort of system with the added benefits of blogs, and other great plug-ins.  And by self-hosting it on our servers your website is your domain rather than a WordPress URL... and your blog is just like another page on your website.

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Marketing Services that work with your strategic goals.

Like the pass of seasons, we offer services that will stand the test of time and provide planning solutions to flow from one quarter to the next, but also for years to come. These are not quick fixes, but business plans to meet your strategic goals.

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