Blogging 101: The art of blogging

Blogs can be a successful marketing tool... if done right.

Blogging is more than just saying what you want when you want to.  To be popular, you must have readers... and those readers must stay engaged.  So... logically, there are common components that are key to having a successful blog.

1) What is your blog's personality?

People want to "read" and enjoy your blog. It needs a voice and personality just like a person.  To engage readers you want to allow your blog voice to shine through rather than simply posting your thoughts. 

Key factor:  Good blogs are not for the purpose of hearing yourself talk but hearing your story and your inner voice.

2) Set a theme of discussion

This doesn't have to be a topic like a book theme... but it needs to have substance. If, for example, you are a leader in a specific sport, then plan to talk about that sport such as:

  • What's happening in the sport today
  • How to get involved in the sport
  • Local resources for the sport
  • Tips & suggestions for parents, coaches and/or athletes
  • Schedules and scores
  • Articles about teams and/or athletes

Key factor: Stay on your theme subject.  You will lose interest in avid sports enthusiasts if you subject one week is about the primary election (for example)

3) Be Consistent

As far as frequency:  be regular and on-time. It's the only way you will keep people coming back. Active blog readers will come back for your promised update.  Miss the update, and it's likely they won't come back.

When to post:  In the beginning, the more the better.  Once you are going strong, post at least weekly on regular topics.  In addition to your regular posts, make special announcements, invitations and promote events as needed... but never at the same time as your regular post.

Key factor:  Like building a website... if you blog does not mean they will come.  Blogging can be an art form in style but it's the consistency of the blog that will help you gain readership, maintain readers and develop SEO for your blog.

4) Comments? YES!

By all means, if you are skeptical about comments you can moderate and approve them individually... but blog readers want to comment.  The Social and Viral effect that comes from blogging is in allowing readers to interact with you and give their two cents, as it were.

You don't have to respond to them all, but this back and forth interaction will help increase interest in your site.

Key factor: Get out there and be a good reader yourself.  Comment on other people's blogs and refer people to your's.  It's not just about writing it's about marketing it too.

5) Grab the readers attention

There is no better way to grab a persons attention than with a great title.  Search engines, as well as readers, love catchy and creative blog titles.  Many experts say that titles of 10 words or less are best.

Key Factor: Consistency is key here too. If you are running a series in your blog, remember to carry over key phrases with each entry.

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