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Administrative Services Outsourcing Benefits

Outsourcing administrative services rather than staffing them.

More and more companies are taking advantage of outsourcing.  Outsourcing administrative duties can be especially beneficially to companies:

  • Outsourcing is often cheaper than staffing the position
  • No benefits, vacation pay, or PTO paid to consultants
  • Make best use of your on-site staff for bigger responsibilities
  • Frees up your time to focus on your business than the tasks
  • Flexibility to hire tasks than staffing a job

Many times companies want to take on more and more responsibilities to save money. From Internet hosting, web updates, facebook status, social networking, tweets and even blogging... if you aren't keeping up with your social networking platforms, they won't have the marketing impact you are hoping for.

In most cases, companies should be doing status updates on a daily basis, blogging once a week, even making web updates once a quarter or more frequently.

Allow Reiland Lane to take this duties off your hands so you can spend your time helping your customers and running your business.  Some of the services we can help with include:

  • Email maintenance
  • Web updates
  • Facebook wall posts
  • Twitter feeds
  • News releases
  • Newsletters
  • Blog Articles
  • Content Development
  • LIVE Support Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Constant Contact blasts
  • CPC monitoring
  • Business Directory upkeep
  • Myspace, Linked In, etc.
  • Merchant Circle, Yahoo
  • Google Marketplace, etc.
  • Craigslist listing services
  • Posters, fliers and more
If you have had to cut corners or even cut staff, there's no reason to limit your exposure and marketing plan. We can help where staffing budget constraints could be taking it's toll.

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